Nicolo Fagioli’s Strategy Was To Self-denounce And Cooperate Immediately, In Order To Get A Lighter Ban

Nicolo Fagioli’s strategy was to self-denounce and cooperate immediately, in order to get a lighter ban. The 5-year ban is already ruled out since he didn’t bet on Juve. 

His ban should be 3 years, decreased by 50% because of the cooperation. 

Tonali cried and vented his feelings with his dearest loved ones, the Newcastle midfielder is well aware of having made a mistake and now he has every intention of following the advice of those close to him and following a recovery path with a professional.

Now, news agency ANSA has brought forward fresh accusations. It claims Zaniolo is facing more serious charges than the others, specifically of violating Article 4 of law 401/98.

That is a charge of effectively not just using illegal betting sites, but having an active role in organising and spreading the practice.

Some reports also claim Zaniolo’s mother, Francesca Costa, could also be involved in the investigation.There are also rumours of Roma wing-back Nicola Zalewski being in the list. Although he is not yet formally under investigation.

According to reports including from La Repubblica, Zaniolo and Tonali told their friends and the police that they were only betting on blackjacks and poker, not football.

Italian footballer Nicolo Fagioli gambled over €1 million (Ksh155 million) in a few months and, due to his exposure with bookies, involved his footballer friends, Nicolo Zaniolo and Sandro Tonali, connecting them with betting agents for secure wagers, it has been reported.

They used illegal websites operating in parallel with the market.

Italian football was rocked by another off-field controversy on Thursday, when two Premier League-based current Italy internationals – Aston Villa’s Zaniolo and Tonali of Newcastle United – were questioned by police in relation to an investigation around illegal betting. 

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