Nigerian Clergywoman Says, Dishes Out Marital Advice (Video)

Pastor Jolie, a Nigerian pastor, offers some marriage advice.

She said her 39-year marriage worked because she decided to play dumb.

In a widely circulated video, the priestess said that even if she was right, she had to play dumb in her marriage just to keep her marriage.

“In these 39 years with my husband, I’ve come to realize…I’ve realized that I have to play dumb to make my marriage work, even when I know I’m right.”

“Stupidity is a relationship. In order to maintain a marriage, you have to be stupid. Even if you know your right hand or your left hand, you are still playing stupid.

“This guy is claiming rights, you are claiming rights, it’s not going to work,” he said

Watch the video of her speaking below…

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