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Nigerian Lawyer Recollects Amount Lady Paid Him To Write Apology Letter To Her Boyfriend » Ngnews247

A Nigerian man shared an interesting story on Twitter about his experience of paying someone’s boyfriend to write a letter.

The lawyer, Inno, said a female friend hired his services in 2009 to write a letter of apology for her boyfriend.

According to him, her behavior was “lack of loyalty”, so she paid him N10,000 to write a letter of apology.

Inno explained that he did some research on her man and the situation, took the time to write a long dissertation, and the couple is now married.

He wrote; “This reminds me of 2009 when my female friend paid me N10K to help her write an apology letter to her man for her infidelity. I took my time, did my research, asked relevant questions and wrote a long paper. They are now married. “

He shared the story while reacting to a viral tweet in which a woman posted a disclaimer about a man who publicly expressed his affection for her.

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