Nigerian Man Reportedly Tells 19-yr-old Son To Return N38m He Won Through Sports Betting

A Nigerian father has reportedly turned down a huge winnings his 19-year-old son won through virtual betting.

The brother of the lucky winner, who shared the story on anonymous messaging platform NGL, revealed that his siblings had 38 million naira but their father insisted he return it to Sporty Bet.

According to him, the man was vehemently opposed to anything related to gambling, which is why he refused to let his son keep the money, which he had learned about from sports betting.

This has created problems for their family, as his wife is outraged by his decision to forego his blessing, especially since their rent is still months away.

He wrote; “My 19 year old kid brother won 38 million with 4.50 naira, my dad insisted that he return the money to sporty because he doesn’t support gambling, he insisted even though he explained and showed the mistake to him. Our rent is due in two months and now there is a problem between him and mom. Friendly advice. “

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