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Nigerian MC Warriboy Drags DJ Dimple For Not Showing Up For His Birthday After Receiving N800k (Video) » Ngnews247

Nigerian comedian and content creator MC Warriboy has accused DJ Dimple Nipple of not showing up for his birthday after paying her to perform.

He said she received a payment of N800,000 and he booked round-trip tickets for her and her friend just to get her to the airport and asked him to upgrade them to business class.

Warriboy demanded full refunds from the DJ and Kill Queen, but she sent N400,000 and kept the other half, saying it was what she paid for the promotion he hired her to do.

In a video he posted on Instagram, he accused DJ Dimple Nipple of not uploading a promotional video and said he would arrest her.

The entertainer demanded that she return the remaining N400,000 or he would ensure that once she returned from Ghana, she would be arrested on arrival.

He described what happened as a crime known as obtaining by ruse and said that once his lawyer, Dimple, was involved, he would be prosecuted for defrauding him.

MC Warriboy Subtitled; “Dj Dimple Nipple Please return my 400k!!! Dj Dimple Nipple or whatever you call yourself…. Please pay me or the whole Warri community will come to Lagos for your sake”

Watch the video below:


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