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Nigerian Singer, Olamide Recounts Most Embarrassing Moment of His Life » Ngnews247

Famed Afrobeat singer Olamide Baddo recounted the most embarrassing moment, which left him both angry and ashamed.

In a recent interview, Olamide revealed that before his hit song “Eniduro” thrust him into the limelight, he was embarrassed by a veteran artist who sent him to buy food.

Baddo noted that, according to The Nation, this happened years ago while he was working with his boss and producer ID Cabasa.

in his words;

I was in the studio when the veteran artist came in to record the song and he said he was hungry. Besides me, the smallest in the studio, who else would he send to buy vegetables? The money he gave me was not enough for him to eat, so I decided to add money myself. I even pay for transportation with my money. Guess what this guy said to me when I got back to the studio with the food?

“Cabasa, tell this your kid give me change. If he asks for money, he should tell me and I’ll give it to him. He shouldn’t use tricks to steal my money. I was almost angry, but a look from ID Cabasa made me I calmed down. Today, this guy is one of my biggest fans, and he’s going to do a song with me.”

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