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Nigerian Singer Overjoyed As Offset Shows Interest In Her Song (Video) » Ngnews247

American rapper Offset will bless up-and-coming Nigerian singer Raybekah with a hit freestyle song.

The talented entertainer went viral a few months ago when a video of her freestyle popped up and the words were randomly mentioned by her friends.

Raybekah recently received a direct message from Offset on Instagram, asking if she had finally turned a beautiful freestyle into a normal song.

did you make that song an official song,” he asked as he sent her the clip.

She posted a screenshot of the message on her IG page, along with a video of her getting excited and screaming at her friends.

According to Raybekah, she has responded to his messages, but she did not disclose the progress of the conversation.

Raybekah and Offset

artist accompanying text; “@offsetyrn heyyyyy omg Omoooo I don’t reply to pointy. “

Check out the video below:

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