Nobody Can Hinder Peter Obi’s ‘Divine’ Mandate

The Indigenous Organization of Biafra (IPOB) has warned against linking Labor presidential candidate Peter Obi to the recent attack on a US convoy in Anambra state.

IPOB issued the warning in a statement from its spokeswoman, Emma Powerful, adding that the allegation had only been demonized by those who did not want him to succeed.

Separatist groups say Obi’s mandate is sacred and cannot be taken away by anyone.

Powerful also refuted allegations by Nigerian security forces that IPOB members were involved in the attack.

the statement said; “It’s worth noting that those who blame the IPOB for being behind the attack on the US embassy convoy are the ones who are really behind it.

“Their global attempt to blackmail IPOB led to their assassination of innocent people in Biafra. For example, these government agents assassinated Gulak in Owerri and a military couple in an undisclosed location in Biafra.

“They assassinated Dr. Akunyili in Anambra (husband of the late Dora Akunyili). In all these and many more state sponsored murders, IPOB was charged and to date, no case has been investigated by the police.

“If it wasn’t for the intel from the IPOB M-branch planning to assassinate former UK High Commissioner Catriona Laing in 2022, and the IPOB leadership warning her not to visit the South East, they would have assassinated her too.

“The recent attack on the US embassy convoy is likely to be yet another state-sponsored attack aimed at discrediting the peaceful IPOB movement and making the southeast less safe for investors who continue to come to Biafra to invest. Likewise, they Late to the party, as our appeal to investors has already started to bear fruit.

“They couldn’t link innocent Peter Obi to it because he was from Anambra state. Does that mean all the attacks that happened in Adamawa and Katsina states were by Atiku Abubakar and Aso Rock respectively Bukhari caused?

“Regardless of ESN security work, the Nigerian government and its security personnel will never consider it good or right. What is the rationale for linking Peter Obi to the crimes happening in the South East?

“Is it also fair to say that all the banditry and terrorism happening in northern Nigeria is planned by their criminal politicians who have evidence that they aid and abet the terrorists?

“We know that several terrorist and bandit groups in the north are supported by outlaws around them. We should ask, why are they mentioning Peter Obi?

“Is it because he mustered up the courage to challenge their so-called electoral process and won by a landslide? They are now taking away the power that the Nigerian people gave him because he is an Igbo.

“They are too busy exposing their incompetence to demonize the IPOB in desperation. The US has one of the most advanced intelligence agencies in the world and will not be fooled by the Alamajiris of the Abuja government. We want the US government to conduct an independent investigation into this attack.”

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