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Nollywood actress Bimpe Akintunde expressed overwhelming joy after she said “yes” to her longtime admirer when he proposed and got engaged with a sparkling ring.

The esteemed Yoruba star announced her engagement on her Instagram page, sharing a delightful photo of her engagement ring.

Bimpe Akintunde has revealed she happily accepted a marriage proposal from her longtime admirer and staunch supporter of show business. She expresses her gratitude for meeting someone who already loved her before they met.

Bin Pei is full of excitement about the upcoming wedding and prays that their married life will be smooth and easy.

“100% I will cry at my wedding because I suffered,” said a meme shared in the announcement.

She added, sharing some memes and photos of her engagement ring;

“Today I say ‘yes’ to my longtime admirer, my craft lover, my longtime love. A man who fell in love with me before I met him. Always be with him.

“He proposed to me and I said yes. May Allah Almighty make our journey easy. Musi Hameda is occupied. If you think or want it to end in tears, you will not leave to see it Insha Allah Bikudiratulai”.

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