Nollywood Actress, Jaiyeola Monje reacts to Biola bayo’s newborn baby being used for content

Nollywood actress Jayeola Monje has finally reacted to Biola Bayo’s new career path for her son Tioluwanimi.

Ngnews247 reports that Biola Bayo has sent Jayeola Monje an update on her new decision regarding her newborn son.

Biola Bayo agrees with Jayeola Monje that her newborn son should not be used as a prop in her film.

However, the new mum said she would use her baby to create skits and content from content creator Mr Macaroni.

Biola Bayo is known for the visits to her home by award-winning short playmakers.

Biola Bayo thanked him for loving her the way he loved her, as she noticed the unparalleled joy he brought to a loved one.

When she prays for him, she affirms her love for him.

She told Jayeola Monje who told her about the change in plans and asked if she agreed.

Jayeola Monje slammed the new mum and Mr. Macaroni in her comment section.

She said they should have let her find them first, then they would know what she would do.

“Content ko content ni lemme catch you and Debo @mrmacaroni1 @biolabayo”.

Biola Bayo reacts to Jayeola Monje posting PSA about her newborn son

Ngnews247 reported a few months ago that Biola Bayo reacted to her colleague Jayeola Monje’s rapid PSA on her son.

Jayeola visited new mom Biola Bayo and posted a video on her Instagram page, posting a PSA to Biola Bayo’s friends, family and loved ones.

Jayeola Monje warns them not to let Biola Bayo take her kids to find props for movie sets.

“Dear Sirs. Help me warn @biolabayo not to take my kid in o position. Well, may God bless our kid. Like saying @zanzeespabeautynstyle knows my grandma is going to hang out with my grandson today. Thanks my Ankara Bolatito”.

Reacting, Biola Bayo thanked Jayeola Monje for the visit and the gift she gave her son.

However, she reminded her that many actresses have done this and nothing happened, therefore, she sees no need to take her son to the filming location.

“I wish we didn’t say enitin o. Thank you Aunt Mi for coming, I can’t explain how you love me. Thank you for the gift too. May the Lord bless you more in Jesus name. Love you sister @jayeola_monje”.

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