Not Rajasthan Royals and LSG! Harbhajan Singh Names 4 Teams for IPL 2023 Playoffs

LSG RR IPL 2023 Playoffs Harbhajan Singh.

Harbhajan Singh has listed the four teams that will qualify for the IPL 2023 playoffs.Image credit: BCCI/IPL and screenshots

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  • Harbhajan Singh has named four teams to qualify for the IPL 2023 playoffs, he said.
  • No team has yet confirmed their playoff spots.
  • According to Harbhajan, MI, CSK, RCB and GT advanced to the semi-finals.

The ongoing 2023 season of the Indian Premier League is now drawing to a close and the battle for playoff qualification is heating up. There are currently no teams in the playoffs, and all 10 teams are participating. In nine games he has played so far, he has 12 points for defending champions Gujarat Titans, who are top of the IPL 2023 standings and have the best chance of reaching the semi-finals, but Delhi were beaten by Capitals and Hyderabad Sunrise defeated. He has finished bottom in just three of his nine appearances so far and has not been knocked out in any of them.

But from now on, every game is very important for every team in the playoffs. Any problems could end a team’s chances of making the playoffs. Former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh, who plays for the team, is the most likely of the four to make it to the playoffs, according to him in the well-funded league.

Four-time IPL champions, defending champions Gujarat Titans, four-time IPL champion MS Dhoni’s CSK, his predecessors MI and RCB reached the semi-finals. He surprisingly ruled out Sanju Samson’s Rajasthan Royals and his LSG, who reached the final last year. With the current IPL 2023 points, he is second in the standings. His LSG made it to the playoffs last year, but lost in the knockout round with RCB.

Speaking to Star Sports Show, Harbhajan said: Aur RCB iss baar mujhe lagta hai pehle 4 mein dikhegi. RR mujhe lagta hai waha rahegi par in the end koi na koi aage nikal jayega. Mumbai Indians aage nikal jayegi. This is Chennai Super Kings. The third team will be MI. You may say it’s low now but we’ll get there and the fourth team will be RCB.. Mumbai Indians may overtake them no. )

MI, which has won the most IPL titles, failed to make the playoffs in the last two seasons, but this time they managed to secure a place in the last four seasons. Rohit Sharma’s side have scored 10 points in the nine games he has played so far.

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