NYC Mayor Eric Adams Begs Wealthy for Help amid Migrant Crisis

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) is begging his wealthy neighbors to help foot the bill, the New York Post reported Friday, as costs regarding migrants climb.

“This is a moment where it’s an all hands on deck moment,” he said during a Police Athletic League event, according to the Post.

The report continued:

“The way it goes, New York goes America goes, but I’m going to need you more than ever to support many of these organizations like PAL, Robin Hood Foundation, and others,” the mayor told the crowd, which included Tony Danza, John Catsimatidis and Mitchell Modell, the former CEO of the sporting goods chain.

“A moment where our philanthropic interests must align with some of the gaps and services that we are seeing today,” the mayor continued.

Adams recently told residents he has to cut spending on New Yorkers because city law prioritizes funding for economic migrants, according to Breitbart News.

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The outlet highlighted the fact that President Joe Biden’s (D) migration has placed over 100,000 migrants in New York, the article continued:

The city’s laws and lobby groups ensure that the migrants get shelter and food costing up to $400 per day, forcing the taxpayer costs above $12 billion.

Those costs are being paid by diverting funds from programs for ordinary Americans, such as policing and schools.

But New York Democrats refuse to change the laws or raise taxes — and instead insist that U.S. taxpayers from outside New York pay the bills while the city’s insiders pocket the profits from illegal migration.

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New York City is shelling out nearly $400 a night per migrant family, Breitbart News reported September 23, noting some of those migrants are raking in $3,000 a month by working illegally.

Social media users commented on the recent Post article, one person writing, “Sanctuary city, baby!!”

“This is adorable. How’s that sanctuary city thing working out for you mayor?” another user commented.

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