Obi Cubana shares loved up video with wife( Video)

Nigerian business tycoon Obinna Iyiegbu, better known as Obi Cubana, regrets his unromantic lifestyle.

While sharing a loving video with his wife Ebinna Iyiegbu, the billionaire complained that he was too unromantic, especially around her.

He describes himself as a local, saying his wife is too romantic for him, but he just loves her that way.

“When a romantic babe marries a local!!
This baby is too romantic for me Biko.
I love her! “.

Many people disagree with the founder of Odogwu Bitters as they note that he always goes above and beyond for his women.

Obi Cubana Gives Wife 300 Roses And Other Expensive Valentine’s Day Gifts

Obi Cubana gives wife 300 roses for Valentine’s Day

His wife shared a video on her Instagram page of his romantic move for her.

Lush Eby, as she’s known on Instagram, revealed that she went downstairs for breakfast, and when she returned upstairs to meet him, she was met with a huge surprise.

Grateful for his love, Lush Eby reaffirms her commitment to her husband.

She said that in the next life, no matter where he is, she will find him.

“So I went downstairs for breakfast and went upstairs to this surprise. Like I didn’t know. You sure got me on this. 300 roses wow!!!

Thank you so much my love.

In my next life, I will make sure that I Find you wherever you are.if you see me First, drag me to you.

Love you San Sugah m

This Valentine’s Day ga adikwa kpo kpoo”.

Obi Cubana described a short note he wrote to his wife.

He said she was the love of his life, and he said he would celebrate her every day.

“love of my life!
My dear wife, I celebrate you every day! “.

Obi Cubana reveals his wife’s strange wish for her 15th wedding anniversary

A few days ago, Ngnews247 reported that the couple was already counting down the days to their wedding anniversary in June.

The couple, who traditionally married on June 7, 2008 and held their white wedding a week later on June 14, are already preparing for their anniversary.

In a joint Instagram post with his wife, the billionaire revealed his wife’s wish for their wedding, and it’s weird.

According to him, his wife wanted a prom for her anniversary and he was happy to give it to her

He added that preparations for their anniversary were already in full swing.

“So me and my baby dated for two and a half years (2006 to 2008) and we’ve been married for 15 years! (since 2008).

She now says she wants a dance to celebrate her 15th wedding anniversary.

OK, she’s definitely going to get one. Planning not to start @lush_eby my life like this”.

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