Olympiacos-Panathinaikos: ‘Clover’ Alarm – Derby postponement requested due to coronavirus

Olympiacos-Panathinaikos: The “green” PAE have submitted a request to postpone Sunday’s derby (07/05) due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“alarm” originally wanted Panathinaikosa few hours ago big derby she Section 9 of play off she Super League the opposite of Olympic. of “Green vegetables” they sent Formal request to postpone OlympicsAs observed over the past few hours coronavirus outbreak rear outbreak arrival twenty four.

According to the latest news, Mr. “alarm” tag her Friday (05/05) inside Sportscenter of “Clover”, like laboratory control not only appear 20 casesmainly worry soccer player, anyone asymptomatic, which one mild symptoms.

for this, PAE testify Extension request for Competitiveness and medical reasons, also for her Keep she public health. In fact, club managers do. action exist answer from Super League, directly, IE that day instead of her Sunday (07/05)Announcement location extraordinary general meeting of Board of Directors she organizer.

For more information, the Superleague announcement states:

“It has been announced that tomorrow, at noon on Sunday 7 May 2023, the Super League Board of Directors will meet via video conference.

Here’s the agenda:

1/ Postponement and rescheduling of games and/or match dates for rounds 9 and 10 of the Stoichisman Super League playoffs this season in accordance with PAE’s written request from May 5, 2023 Panathinaikos.


First signature after AEK and daily inspection

Based on information from “Barracks” of “green”, of first sign possible case they start doing “seem” forward Wednesday (03/05), PAOK game day and 3 days after the AEK derby.

Yes, Athens Derby, many soccer player she alliance they had a hard time Overworked, like they have “strike” from Virus, what he endorsed in his statement Mathias Almeidabut never mentioned corona virus signs.

this PAE Panathinaikos Go on, as he does every day, molecular control of soccer player and his Technical honorBecause the goal is for teams to have Fast per picture if possible Yes active of Hygienic protocol.

3 days after the AEK derby be the first clue, but test submit player and staff it is negative. Followed the opponent’s game Paul Ke inside “Ansu. Nicoladis.” she Wednesday (03/05)On the second day, the team off day and Friday (05/05) arrive laboratory control Exceed 20 cases.

Super League PAE Panathinaikos letter

this PAE Panathinaikos officially sent Extension request and Super League from Friday (05/05) as 1four football players and 10 people of Technical staff they were found positive arrive coronavirus.

The letter details:

1. Go to the Chinese Super League
2. Mr. Evangelos Malinaki as Chairman.

Dear President,
I request that you call an immediate board meeting. Due to force majeure, the cooperative has taken urgent measures to postpone the match between PAE Olympiacos and PAE Panathinaikos scheduled for Sunday, May 7, 2023 at 20:00. Today 14 footballers and other members of his 10 teams (guiding his staff, his members, physiotherapists, etc.) have tested positive for Covid-19 according to Article 11 Sections 5 and 6 of the CAP. Positive. It should be noted that the number of positive cases of the Covid-19 virus among the above populations is still increasing.

Sincerely you,
For PAE Panathinaikos».

Letter from PAE Panathinaikos

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