Oshi No Ko Episode 10 Review

B-Komachi prepare to perform their first live performance at the Japan Idol Festival, with Aqua disguised as a familiar duck-faced choreography.

Aqua’s disguise

Aqua took B Komachi out for a run

It should be obvious from his vastly different physique that the man behind the mask is not Puillon We all know it, but it never occurred to me. aquariumPieyon’s sound impression is so accurate that even pseudonym and ruby People around the real Pieyon don’t see any difference. I know Aqua is destined to be a crazy good actor, but this level of guile seems almost unbelievable.

try to distract

Screenshot 21 June 2023 18.47.50
Kana practice live performance

I’d say Kana is the best written character in the series. Her inner conflict and not being good enough resonated with many. Watching her confidence fade over time was tough, and being undervalued for long periods of time can have a negative effect on anyone. I really hope she finds happiness somehow, and the fact that she puts the whole situation with Aqua on top of everything else really makes me feel for her – especially when she thinks she can try to get along with Pieyon later found out it was Aqua all along.

ready to execute

Screenshot 2023 06 21 at 18.54.56
Ruby berates Kana for lying

Kana also has a bad habit of using lies to hide her true feelings. If the B-Komachi are really going to work out as a team, they’re going to need to get better in sync with each other and not hide their feelings. I’m sure everything will run smoothly, but failure is certainly possible for the newly restored B-Komachi without proper communication.

plot idea

Any episode that focuses on pseudonyms is a good episode, when she was first introduced as a child actor I couldn’t stand her, that crybaby spoiled kid attitude immediately turned me off. Seeing her the way she is now, I really feel sorry for her, she has a lot of turmoil inside. Leave any comments below and see you next week for the final episode!

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