Oshi No Ko Episode 11 Review

In the season finale, B-Komachi makes her live debut as Kana and Akane battle it out while Aqua continues her revenge mission.

B-Komachi on stage

All three of them are standouts on the show

The highlight here is definitely one’s reaction rubyPerformance.very much like Aqua he is a big AI Fans, so above all, it must be confusing to see Ruby recreate Ai Weiwei’s mannerisms so well. Mem brought the crowd in, pseudonym Brings – um.. good performance? She gets a little down in the middle, but she brings energy in the second song. It’s great to see these three pursue their dreams, but is that really what Karner wants?

Pseudonym teases Aqua

Screenshot 28.06.2023 21.00.52
She’s always happiest with Aqua

Honestly, I don’t know who to root for.I love Akane, she totally deserves to be with Aqua after that difficult time. But on the other hand, there is also a lot of inner turmoil about a pseudonym. The fact that one of them has to lose is heartbreaking. Right now my character is 60% Kana and 40% Akane, but let’s see how that goes in season two.


ScreenshotJune 28, 2023 20.29.56
Kana and Akane confront each other

I really like what Seo did with her hair, it suits her well. But is this enough to shake Aqua’s feelings? Probably not, but time will tell. It’s almost certain that these two won’t like each other, since they’re both competitors for Aqua’s affections, but as we’ve seen, they already know and don’t like each other. It was rather tragic that I was caught in the middle though considering she knew both of them.

thoughts on this anime

Screenshot 06/28/2023 20.40.01
Akane Kurokawa

Well, we have it – the first season of Son of Odd. Despite the huge hype this anime has garnered, I personally don’t think it’s one of the best episodes that aired this season. Its realistic portrayal and challenge to the Japanese idol industry are very admirable, but as a series/episode, I don’t think enough has happened to do justice to whether the show lives up to its hype. Leave your opinion in the comments and as always please keep supporting us on LAN for the best news, reviews and recaps! Take care guys.

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