Oshi No Ko Episode 6 Review

The dark side of the entertainment industry is brought to light in this episode, with Akane facing backlash online.

dating show

Screenshot for 18/19/2023 May 17, 2023
Aqua was invited to lunch by Mr.

so it looks like aquarium He no longer maintains a deceptive image when the cameras are off, when he returns to his usual grim self stretch Ask him if you want to eat something with him.I am interested in Aqua and Mem-Cho most. She looks like a goof, but a lot of the time it’s the characters who are hiding things.

Akane’s accident

Screenshot 2023 05 17 at 19.26.56
Siche Snow

This is a great example of how a small mistake can have so many consequences.that time Akane Mustering up enough courage to make herself famous, she was immediately shot down by accidental slicing YukiCheek with her nails. It’s sad that she’s been in the shadows as a filler role that everyone forgets, which happens once she tries to step into the light.

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The dark side of the industry

Screenshot 2023 05 17 on 20.16.52
Akane refrained from vomiting

That’s what Oshi no Ko was hyped for — a story that describes the tragedy that befell the industry. The Internet is a terrible place sometimes. Threats of injury and murder are seen everywhere like they are commonplace, and unfortunately, in this modern era, they are commonplace. Akane is the next victim of social media cyberbullying, with a flood of vicious comments she can’t help but read. It’s really disturbing to watch her curiosity lead to her spiritual death – the poor girl being led down a dark path.

Aqua’s Rescue

Screenshot 2023 05 17 on 20.14.43
Aqua saved Akane

Another sad fact this industry has to deal with is the suicide rate. Akane was about to make a move when Aqua suddenly rushed in to save her. From this moment on, their relationship could go in any direction – Akane might be grateful for Aqua, she might be angry, who knows. Let’s thank Aqua for being in the right place at the right time and saving a life.

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plot idea

Screenshot 2023 05 17 on 20.12.42
Poor Sis standing in the rain

This episode really digs into the themes this anime is trying to discuss. This is by far the most gripping cliffhanger and I can’t wait to see how Akane responds to her rescue and how she will respond to her rescuers. How do you feel? Leave any comments below until next week! goodbye!

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