Oshi No Ko Season Two Confirmed

Following the end of the first season, the critically acclaimed “Oshi no Son” has confirmed the launch of the second season. If you haven’t read our Oshi no Ko review, check it out!


In the entertainment industry, stars often present an exaggerated version of themselves to the public, hiding their true thoughts and struggles under elaborate lies. Fans believe these fabricated facts, offering their idols undying love and support until something breaks the illusion.sixteen year old new star Ai Hoshino The member of the pop idol group B Komachi captivated the world; however, when she announced that she was taking a break from work due to health concerns, the news caused concern for many.

As a super fan of Ai Weiwei, a gynecologist Amamiya Goro He’s practicing medicine in the countryside, rooting for her and hoping to meet her in person one day. When Ai came to his hospital, his wish came true – instead of getting sick, he was pregnant with twins! While doctors promise Ai Weiwei will deliver the baby safely, he wonders if this encounter with his idol will change the nature of his relationship with her forever.

by: MAL

key point

The main visual of the second season



The first season of Oshi no Son was produced by Kobo Doga, who also animated the hit rom-com Shikimori is not just a cute person last year. Following on from the trailer and key visual above, let’s hope that season 2 gets a release date soon!

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