Outrage As Man Sexually Harasses Nollywood  Actress, Eniola Badmus, At A Recent Event (Video) » NGNews247

Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus has received an outpouring of support from netizens after a disturbing sexual harassment incident at a recent event.

A video documenting the incident was widely circulated online, sparking outrage among viewers.

In the video, Eniola Badmus arrives at the event, unaware that a man is right behind her.

The man shamelessly touches her bum as she walks, eliciting a swift reaction from the actress.

Eniola Badmus turned quickly to meet the harasser’s gaze as security quickly stepped in, placing herself between the two.

The video went viral, sparking a strong reaction from the online community.

Netizens rallied around Eniola Badmus to condemn the reprehensible act and express their unwavering support for the actress.

Netizens react…

@Fayo Osayemi said; “If she slaps now, they’re going to say it because Tinub don’t type why she misbehaved”

@Anuoluwapo Pelumi wrote; “He should be beaten!!!”

@Damblo said; “Sexual Harassment! She needs to sue that guy with this evidence”

@Abji Luxury hub wrote; “This is sexual harassment, look at how someone’s husband makes a fool of himself, chai. Some men lack discipline, it’s very infuriating, I swear if it was me, I’d pat it for two seconds what” rubbish ! ! ! “

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