Over 4,000 Environmental Offenders Arrested So Far – Task Force Chair

DCP Ojomo Francis, Chairman of the Oyo State Environmental Task Force revealed that no less than 4,000 environmental violators have been arrested since its establishment.

According to DCP Ojomo, who spoke in Ibadan on Wednesday, some committed community service after the trial, while others paid fines.

During the review, DCP Ojomo revealed that more than 30 million naira had been deposited into the coffers of the Oyo state government as fines by various offenders.

Ojomo, who is also a waste enforcement officer, urged the public to abide by the state’s environmental laws.

This will maintain the health and good-neighbourliness of the society, he said, adding that UN Sustainable Development Goal 11 places great emphasis on sanitation and a sustainable environment.

Ojomo appealed to Nigerians, especially residents of Oyo State, to take care to clean their environment as the task force is watching everyone.

The DCP also reaffirmed the Oyo State Government’s commitment to ensuring a healthy and safe environment.

“This is not the first time we have called on the public to abide by our environmental laws so that our society can have lasting peace and health,” Ojomo said.

“UN Sustainable Development Goal 11 puts a lot of emphasis on sanitation and a sustainable environment. We don’t need to go to any formal schools to protect our environment for our own benefit,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Oyo State Environmental Protection Tribunal, which opened in Ibadan on Wednesday, found five criminals guilty of violating the state’s environmental laws.

Speaking to reporters, the Chairman of the Tribunal, Mr. Jubreel Kareem, revealed that during the surveillance in Ibadan, five criminals were arrested.

He said two of the violators, Olanrewaju Deola and Funmilayo Ayoola, were found to have disposed of waste illegally at unauthorized places, and they had not provided standard trash bins, in violation of the 2013 Oyo State Environmental Law.

Those admitted to these offenses were sentenced to three months in jail or fined N5000, N2500, N2500, each.

Another offender, Olabisi Olatunde, who was caught dumping rubbish halfway along UI-Bodija in Preboyes, pleaded guilty. The court has since fined her N7,500.

Likewise, John Blessing and Ali Sumaiya were caught illegally displaying merchandise on the side of the road in Mokola.

The tribunal ruled this breached section 2(14) of the Oyo State Waste Management Act 2014 and fined them each £2,500.

The head of the court further warned offenders not to violate the country’s environmental laws in the future, saying it would serve as a lesson for them and others.

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