Oyo Govt. Reviews Light-Up Oyo Project

The oyo state government has initiated action to address recent technical and various difficulties facing the Light-Up Oyo project that have prevented the project from operating optimally.

In the spirit of accountability and transparency, authorities want to document that there has been a dispute between the Oyo state government and contractors over how much work has been done and how the infrastructure is being operated.

The government is not satisfied with the infrastructure provided and its specifications. These are the main reasons why projects face operational challenges.

As such, the Oyo State Government is currently auditing the entire infrastructure to ascertain the level and quality of the work that has been done. The audit process will be completed in approximately six weeks, after which the public will be updated on any decisions reached and the direction the project is heading.

You will recall that in September 2019, the Oyo State Government launched the Light Up Oyo project. The logic behind this project is twofold. First, develop the economy of Oyo State.

As stated by Governor Seyi Makinde, Oyo state will not be able to compete with cities with 24 hour economy if the economy shuts down before 7pm. Second, solve the problem of insecurity. Crime breeds in darkness. So when major parts of towns and cities are lit up, criminals will have nowhere to hide.

Residents of Oyo State are urged to rest assured that the government is doing its best to ensure that the entire 240km Light Up Oyo project is delivered in the shortest possible time for the benefit of the residents of the state. This will ensure that the good folks at Oyo State get the best value for the money spent on this project.

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