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The Oyo state government has again called on street vendors to leave the roads or face sanctions, especially within the Ibadan metropolis.

Ms Modupe Adeleye, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, sounded the alarm today at a campaign targeting market men and women in Ibadan.

She said the Oyo state government was ready to find durable solutions to the threat of street trading and illegal dumping in the state.

While Adlai repeatedly stressed the need for stakeholders to work together to contain the threat, she stressed that the operation was not aimed at persecuting anyone.

She called on market, community and transit union leaders and other stakeholders to remind their members to stop allocating trade spots on roads and main streets to traders in the state.

The permanent secretary said businessmen and residents must align themselves with the Oyo state government in continuing efforts to curb indiscriminate waste disposal.

She noted that the Oyo state government has made some major efforts, notably hiring waste management company Mottainai Recycling Ltd to tackle waste disposal and recycling.

Adlai pointed out that street trading hindered the free flow of traffic and that the ministry’s staff was determined to take an uncompromising stance in enforcing Oyo State’s street trading law.

Mrs Adlai therefore called on traders to strictly abide by national environmental laws and patronize government-approved waste consultants and their approved concessionaires.

After the publicity, she said, the department will begin full enforcement, and anyone found guilty will face the wrath of the state’s existing environmental laws.

In his speech, General Babaroja and Chief Yekin Abbas of Oyo State called on businessmen in the state to strictly abide by environmental laws, urging them to stop trading on the streets.

Speaking on behalf of the traders, Ms Victoria Onipede, Sheikh of Iyaloja at the Bodija International Market and Ms Saliu Akanni, her counterpart at the Iyaloja Eleyele Market, shared their commitment to adopt Members are regularly monitored to ensure they strictly abide by national laws and provide selfless support. land.

They also agreed to involve other key stakeholders in the Oyo state government’s new effort to tackle the threat.

Markets visited include Bodija International Market, Eleyele Market and Sango Market among others.

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