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In trending video posted online, a man is seen giving his young girlfriend contraceptives to swallow.

The video which was posted on the X app by user, @DAMIADENUGA, shows the man forcing his girlfriend to swallow the contraceptive even with the presence of his friend in the room.

As he forces her to take it, he tells his friend something in Yoruba, which when translated to English means, if she dares vomit the drug, she’ll explain to him the owner of the pregnancy.

This act has made many people angry, with many wondering why he can’t hold himself back but instead forcing her to take contraceptives.

See some reactions below:

@mr_tobby01 asked: Who dey fvck these kind guys🙁

@IamBlaccode said: Really? You don’t want her to get pregnant but your down thing no fit hold itself, you too take some pills now, no be only the girl suppose be taking things abeg😏

@Samardhino wrote: God abeg. More strength to u sister

@official_leumas said: Pablo no wan pay child support

@A_RWAC wrote: I mean look at what is happening and y’all think this is something to laugh abt, until it’s your little sisters. I swear, I would rather raise my kids in Iraq than the current Nigeria.

@Dami_blaq1 said: You go think say na joke until them use pregnancy defraud you

Watch video below:

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