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Dad Jim is a popular YouTube personality known for his pranks on Danny Duncan’s videos, and he’ll do everything from skinny swimming to quad biking on Duncan’s popular channel.

Dad Jim is the grandpa of Danny Duncan’s sidekick David Tomchinski, but he appears to be related to the YouTube star. On May 12, 2022, Danny Duncan broke the sad news of his grandpa’s death on his Instagram account, saying: “Thank you for all the laughs and unforgettable memories. I love you, Daddy Jim. “

Who is Jim’s father?

Mischievous Daddy Jim, who turns 92 in December, has been featured in YouTuber Danny Duncan’s videos and has done everything from skinny-dipping to quad biking. Dad Jim is the grandfather of Duncan’s friend David Tomchinski, the social media manager and administrative assistant for his brand.

Papa Jim seems to have left a mark on most people’s hearts, but unfortunately, little is known about him other than his relationship with Danny Duncan and his assistant, who turns out to be Papa Jim real grandson.

In 2021 there were rumors that dad jim had passed away but it was false because he was still alive and according to danny duncan that speculation was going around at the time but this time, his death seems to be true because dan Nee Duncan made the announcement and paid tribute to him on his social media platforms.

Since not much is known about Papa Jim, it seems most people like him for his mischief and antics, and because paying tribute to him shows that he is inspired by all the opportunities to watch his videos with Danny Duncan on his YouTube channel people’s favorite

Where is Papa Jim from?

Papa Jim was reportedly born in Lenoir, a city and county seat in Caldwell County, North Carolina, USA, but his grandson lives in Sarasota, Florida, so we assume he’s from Lenoir Watts, but live in Sarasota, FL.

What was the cause of Jim’s father’s death?

According to reports, Dad Jim suffered from a long-term illness, which has deteriorated his health and affected internal organs, but the actual cause of his death is not clear, because his family has not issued a statement to disclose what caused him. death. Danny Duncan also did not disclose any possible cause of death.

Looking at his advanced age of 92, we can say that Uncle Jim’s death was likely from natural causes and he likely died peacefully, excluding the fact that he was reportedly dealing with health issues.

How old was Papa Jim when he died?

Dad Jim dies at 92 after taking part in YouTube video with YouTuber Danny Duncan to put smiles on people’s faces

Who is Dad Jim’s grandson, David Tomchinski?

David Tomchinsky is Executive Assistant and Social Media Manager for the Duncan brand. He is a small business owner, seasoned social media manager, producer and account executive with extensive experience working with advertising agencies, radio stations and video production companies.

As an experienced social media manager for Culture Coast Creative, he opened a social media marketing agency to help businesses leverage all aspects of social media and grow their online communities. Services include paid advertising, post-production and scheduling, copywriting, video production, business management, customer service, influencer marketing, and more. Currently working with clients in industries such as lifestyle apparel, building development and refurbishment, plumbing and home services, aviation and insurance.


As Assistant to Danny Duncan, he is responsible for the planning, implementation, management and monitoring of the brand’s social media accounts. Write interesting headlines that encourage user engagement and social interaction to drive traffic to your eCommerce website. Grow Instagram account followers from 145,000 to 419,000+. Coordinate and schedule the production of video/photo shoots, merchandising, and YouTube hits’ daily agendas.Edit Instagram Videos Documentary-Style Using Final Cut Pro

As Account Executive/Social Media Manager for Demand Exposure, he actively grew the client list for a full-service television, radio and multimedia production company. Managed social media and customer relationships for 12 auto dealerships, facilitated the delivery of creative content and maintained constant communication with customer representatives. Lead a five-person production team and creative department to produce/direct compelling TV, radio and online video content.

As an Account Executive for iHeartMedia, he has been sourcing and closing new advertisers for five radio stations, developing new billing accounts, retaining existing Serve).

Papa Jim related to Dani Duncan?

Papa Jim, a popular YouTube personality known for his pranks on Danny Duncan videos, will do everything from skinny swimming to quad biking on Duncan’s popular channel. Papa Jim is the grandfather of Duncan’s friend David Tomchinsky, his brand’s social media manager and executive assistant, not Danny Duncan, so they have no relationship.

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