Paradise Kiss Review – A Shoujo Anime for the Older Audience

Minor spoilers ahead!

kiss of heaven, sometimes called palla kiss, broadcast on some channels in 2005. In a genre permeated by other anime that made its way to Netflix in the early 2000s, Kiss in Heaven is a bit understated. Instead, other “easy to digest” anime, such as Oran High School Butlers Club, were chosen to air instead of Heaven’s Kiss.

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Still, thanks to the age of the internet, Heaven’s Kiss has found a niche audience – and, honestly, I believe it deserved more recognition for its progressive themes when it came out!

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Reviews on Anime Adaptations heaven kiss Reviews on MyAnimeList have been mixed, with most critics praising the series for its uniqueness while pointing out some shortcomings. So it’s kind of hard to gauge this anime just by reading the reviews. Many critics appreciated the anime’s attention to style, mature storyline, and departure from typical love stories. Others dismissed this “difference from typical love stories” as a negative, saying it felt too bittersweet to be enjoyable. Some users praised the relatability and human-like characteristics of these characters despite their flaws. Others say the characters are flat and one-dimensional. These conflicting views make it difficult to really understand what Heaven’s Kiss has to offer.

So, what is true and what is not?

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(lack of) voice

Well, there’s something weird about this show that leads to this overwhelming… sense of discomfort. That is the lack of a soundtrack. Background music rarely plays, or there are no external sound effects at all–in many cases, character footsteps are muted, and the only sounds available are their speaking voices.

I think it’s a director’s flaw; it leads to this weird feeling something should have happened, but didn’t soon.

love story

What begins as a drama quickly turns into a romance between the main character, Yukari, and George, a third-year high school student at a fashion school. It’s clear that the two characters don’t have much chemistry, but they find each other irresistible.


However, Yukari and George’s story isn’t the only love story in the series; Asahi, a blond boy with lots of piercings (which, by the way, looks very dangerous) — and Miwako, a pink-haired girl, have their Your own tangled love triangle. Miwako once confides her distress to Yukari, and Yukari tries to help.

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In that sense, “Love” in “Heavenly Kiss” doesn’t feel like your typical teenage love story. It’s realistic, often lacking in volume, and more jagged and sharp than smooth and flowing. It hurts, and we see characters have arguments, sometimes against their own best interests. They contradict each other.

In this sense, I really like the love story in “Heaven Kiss”. I think they are well written!

Art style

I’m a sucker for weird artwork. I like Mob Psycho 100, or Demon Slayer has a gorgeous art style. I also like Nana very much, and “Heavenly Kiss” also has the “garbage anime aesthetic in the early 2000s” that I grew up watching. Think xxxHolic with more colors.

However, one of the things I really appreciate about the series is that, at least to me as a westerner, Yukari is… kind of ugly. Her hairstyle looks horrible to me, which adds to the character’s dynamism.nothing matters Myself Think of what Yukari looks like; other people find her beautiful and treat her as such. My own superficial thoughts don’t matter here.

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Isabella (right)

Other than that, the characters are very well designed, especially Isabella. In case people missed it, Isabella is transgender (or at least that’s how “transgender” was in the anime of the early 2000’s). I really love that they let Isabella embrace her femininity. She’s neither overly sexy nor overtly transgender—Yukari didn’t even know that until Miwako beat Isabella—and feels pretty progressive for an early 2000’s show.


One of the show’s big downsides is its attempt at comedy. Sometimes, when characters talk about silly things, they’ll fall into this chibi art style, or they’ll act tense or out of place–but the lack of sound effects or music in those scenes makes the comedy look awkward.

Paradise Kiss Review 2005 0002 Tier 2
An example of a “simple” art style

I really, really wish they leaned more towards the “drama” and tried less comedy, because it felt as though it took away from the story.


Do I regret watching Heaven Kiss? No! not at all. But this anime is the type that I think needs to be watched at 1.3 or 1.4 times speed, otherwise second-hand embarrassment.

Mature themes include self-discovery, listening to others too much, and parental abuse. For a shoujo anime, it’s really dark–and, for a shoujo anime, not a lot of fluff either. This anime gives people the feeling of youthful, impulsive, intoxicating nature, and I am only in my 20s, I really feel that I have a relationship with the main character, and I would like to return to her place!

VERDICT: Neat and fun!

What do you think of Heaven’s Kiss? Let us know in the comments!

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