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People Don’t Know I Use Men For Rituals, They Think I Do Runs – Lagos Big Girl Confesses » Ngnews247

A 24-year-old Lagos girl named Lindsay has opened up about how she bought a car and started a business.

She said a friend introduced her to a occult group with instructions to always carry the seed of the man she slept with.

The young woman said she had been doing this for a while, buying herself two cars, opening four businesses and owning an apartment in Lagos.

She explained that people thought she was a running girl, unaware that what she was doing to make money was far from their assumptions.

According to Lindsay, she spent a total of 73 men to survive, and sometimes their girlfriends suffered because of it.

she says; “I am a 24 year old girl. I was tired of being broke so during my military service a friend introduced me to a place in Ogun state where I would traditionally be able to earn money. We did and it has been working for us. I’m getting into the occult and I’m on a mission to bring spxxm for men. I have 4 businesses, 2 cars and a comfortable rental apartment in Lagos.

Currently, I am renovating my family’s house. People think I do hook up with politicians, but no, I like men 22-36. Man is cheap, getting my sacrificial lamb wasn’t even a stress. These men trade their fortunes and fortunes every time we have sex.

No matter how hard they try, they will never make money again. If I remember correctly, I have used more than 73 people. Some of these men’s girlfriends suffered scratches and psychic attacks in the form of “spiritual husbands”. Men aren’t the only ones doing the ritual, girls are too. Once I’m 30, I stop and give my life to Christ. I’m glad I didn’t murder anyone. “

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