PHOTO: Fans Are Shocked To Find Out Gavin Casalegno Is A Conservative After He Liked Misogynistic, Anti-vax And Pro Israel Posts On Instagram And Facebook

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Fans are shocked to find out Gavin Casalegno is a conservative after he liked misogynistic, anti-vax and Pro Israel posts on Instagram and Facebook. 

#TheSummerITurnedPretty actor Gavin Casalegno trends after liking anti-feminist and pro anti-vaxx Instagram post:

“When you find out she’s unvaxxed, not a feminist, loves the Lord, and aspires to be a wife, mother and homemaker.”

“This is embarrassing for his stans. Omg y’all lost bad. Condolences,” another mocked his fans. “WOAHHH i didn’t know he was conservative…,” someone else added. One other claimed that they were “not shocked” since Gavin “liked a lot of pro israel posts too.”

However, some others came to Gavin’s defense. “That’s called having a preference,” one noted. Another criticized the haters, saying, “Lmfao bruh yall find anything to get a celebrity in drama he’s a person and has his own opinions let him be yall reaching and need a life.”

After learning that Gavin was among those who liked the post, Internet users quickly took to social media to share their thoughts on the actor’s views on what he perceived as an ideal partner. “Has he seen his face in the f**king mirror? His musty a** should be thankful women go for his kind of men,” an X user blasted Gavin.

That summer, Belly notices a difference in Conrad, who is a lot more cold and mysterious now. Struggling to come to terms with these changes, Belly decides to move on entirely. She begins to date the kind-hearted Cam (David Iacono), who perhaps has the best intentions for Belly out of her romantic options but isn’t enough for her as she is still pining for Conrad. This leads to their eventual break-up, and Belly returns to exploring her tumultuous bond with Conrad. However, their budding romance is sabotaged by Jeremiah, making it clear that he also has feelings for Belly, kickstarting the complex love triangle. Unlike his brother, Jeremiah is a much more open character in The Summer I Turned Pretty, seemingly making the most effort to pursue his feelings for her. Mirroring the book, Belly invites Jeremiah to be her guest at the debutante ball, but he ruins his chances with her by missing the final dance. Conrad then takes his brother’s place, ready to pursue his feelings for Belly and the season ends with the pair sharing a kiss at the beach. It is seemingly the perfect ending for Belly, who has finally got the boy she’s always wanted. But is the choice made in The Summer I Turned Pretty’s finale the right one?

The show follows Belly (Lola Tung), who returns with her family to the beach house they routinely vacation at every summer. Staying with her family is Susannah (Rachel Blanchard), who is the mother to two boys that Belly has grown up with – Conrad (Christopher Briney) and Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno). As the title of The Summer I Turned Pretty suggests, Belly is now deemed “pretty” and determined to make Conrad, who she has been infatuated with for years, fall in love with her that summer. However, her newfound beauty comes with complications, as both brothers are attracted to her now, seeing her struggle with her options throughout the season.

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