Plea before entering exams in 2023.. Plea to facilitate answers for children

2023/05/06 (Sat) – 12:57 pm

Parents looking for exam prayers: God, there’s nothing easier than You make it easy for kids to answer questions. Asking is one of the greatest acts of worship. Yes, and the closest to Almighty God, Almighty God said: He. They are strong. ” Surah al-Bakala, Verse: 186.

As the traffic test begins today, Saturday, May 6, for prep students in all counties, students and their parents want to know about the petition before taking the test.

In order for Cairo 24 to provide students with the latest news, services and information of interest, we submit the following petition for review. Exam in 2023, pray for your child to pass, pray for pass.

exam prayer

Exam applications are seen as a safe haven for students and their parents to wish them success and success, and to facilitate answers when entering the exam board. I will say this before, during and after the exam.

Exam Prayer:

  • O Allah, nothing is easier than what You have made easy.
  • God, nothing is easier than what you make easy.
  • Unfold my chest, my Lord, make my work easier and untie the knots of my tongue.
  • God tells us what is good for us.
  • O God, I ask you about the beginning, the end, the sum, the beginning, the manifest and the hidden, of the good, and the highest order of heaven.
  • O Allah, from the treasury of your mercy, which will not afflict us in this life and the next, and from your vast grace, lawful and good food, we will never be poor except you. Thank you open for us, and increase us through your poverty and poverty, through your abundance and your abstinence from others but you.
  • God, I ask you for the best blessings, the best prayers, the best successes, the best jobs, the best rewards, the best life and the best death. Accept my place, my prayer, forgive my sins, I claim your highest place in heaven.
  • O God, teach me Moses, teach me Solomon, give me wisdom, give me Luqman’s wisdom and discernment of words, give me wisdom and discernment of words, O God, I grant you understanding prophets, keep messengers, angels, O God, fill our tongues with your memory, our hearts with your awe, our secrets with your obedience.

Dua is convenient for answering questions before entering the exam

Also, many students and their families look for petitions before taking the test to make it easier for students to answer and to protect them from forgetfulness during the test. Request before entering the exam.

  • Lord, please understand the prophets and protect the messengers and friendly angels.
  • O God, gatherer of humanity, gather me with my doubts, or answer my doubts, and let me go through the day without doubt.
  • O God, fill our tongues with your memories and our hearts with your fears.
  • There is no god but you. Glory to you.
  • God, I have entrusted to you all that I have read, memorized, and learned. Please return it when needed.
exam prayer

Pray for success and success.

The following lines provide various formulas for expressing and praying for success. As the apostle says, supplication removes the plague from the servant. May God’s prayers and peace be upon him. To whom the door of supplication is opened, the door of mercy is opened. God needs nothing more precious than His health needs. Pleading favors revealing and unrevealing. You, servant of God, must plead.

  • O Allah, enlighten their insight and thought with knowledge and bestow upon them success and prosperity in this life and the hereafter.
  • Lord, give your righteous servant the best that you have given. Don’t let him down and give it back to him.
  • Lord, make his youth an example and example of goodness, strengthen his faith, correct his condition, accept his behavior, and increase his success.
  • God, I turn my face to you, I entrust my affairs to you, I trust you. There is no refuge or refuge but you.
  • Lord, bless himself, his hearing, his sight, his soul, increase his creation and his blessings in creation, then receive and bestow upon him heaven of the highest order.
  • Lord, choose for him what you have chosen for your righteous servant, give him insight into your religion, open a clear path for him, and wish him success and happiness in this life and in the life to come.please give

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