Popular Matchmaker, Lege Miami Calls Out Man Who Fled After Impregnating Lady He Met In December (Video)

Popular Nigerian matchmaker Lege Miami claims that a man named Ogechukwu impregnated and absconded with Ogechukwu, whom he met through a matchmaker.

He named Ogechukwu in a popular video and asked him to take responsibility for the pregnancy.

The influencer recounted how he hooked up the man with Opeyemi at a party they both attended in December 2022, and the two got along, which led to her having a child for him.

Lege Miami gave Ogechuwu a 12-hour ultimatum to come out of hiding and pay the bill for the woman’s prenatal visits.

He also insisted that the man must take his family to the woman’s parents’ house to make a proper introduction and pay the bride price.

He warned that if the runaway man didn’t follow instructions, he would post his photo and phone number on social media and have people bother him.

Lege said; “Ogechukwu, IH** coaxed your girl Opeyemi at the party and is now pregnant after you slept with her.

I give you an ultimatum 12 hours to get pregnant to pay for her prenatal, Ogechukwu I give you 12 hours to get pregnant or I’ll post your picture”.

Watch the video below:

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