Pregnant Lady Celebrating Two Baby Showers With Different Men Exposed

A pregnant woman has been exposed for lying to two different men, each of whom was responsible for her unborn baby.

She attended two different baby showers at different times with the man she identified as the father of the child, but neither man was aware of her game.

The woman was exposed on Facebook by a woman named Tatyy Riches, who claimed to be the sister of one of the men.

Tatyy shared photos of the expectant mother wearing the same dress at different baby showers with a man she claims is her baby daddy.

She warned people to beware of people like the woman, noting that while she wanted to embarrass her family, she would embarrass her first.

Tatyy Riches wrote; “Like I said.. 2 different baby showers, 2 different nias, same dress and bih still lying here, she wants to embarrass my family and I embarrass her, beware whores! ! ! ! ! “

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ladies baby shower two husbands

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