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Prince Prof. Ifagbemi Awamaridi Biography, Age, Wikipedia, Career, Wife, Family

Prince (Prof.) Ifagbemi Awamaridi is a Spiritualist, Legal Attorney, Journalist, Publisher, PI-PD (Private Eye/Private Eye), IT Specialist/Internet Guru and is a multifaceted intellectual enigma.

He is Prince Leyovo of Ondo State in western Nigeria.

Born in Isale Eko, Lagos Island, Lagos, he spent his youth in Itafaji, Obalende, Ebute metta, Mushin, Ilupeju, BARIGA, Shomolu, Ikorodu, Oshodi, Mafoluku etc.

A right-wing advocate and activist with international reputation, he was a “hard-nosed” self-determination campaigner and the flagship of Africans’ fight for reparations.

He founded Restructure Agenda International (RAI), Yoruba Front and Restructure Dominion, Nigeria (AKA Redo Nigeria) in 1988 with, among other goals, self-determination and correction of fraudulent zoning in indigenous communities. In line with this, he published the internationally acclaimed Premises of Deduction.

The International Restructuring Agenda has engaged and facilitated the struggles for self-determination and repartitioning in Ambasonia, Catalonia, Biafra, Yoruba (United States of Ikuz) and others.

In 1992, he was awarded Best Private Eye in Brooklyn by Eyes America.

He was the front line of the “anti-Abacha movement”, which made him subject to great intimidation and illegal detention by Abacha security forces.

President of the Action Front of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) from 1984 to 1986, he was a frontline critic of BUHARI’s harsh ethnic cleansing government from 1984 to 1986. Buhari tried to secure his expulsion from UNILAG’s precedent, but Didn’t make it to eventual incarceration.

He was the leader of the 1984 mass protests against increased meal prices and the 1986 leader of the longest and most resilient student protests in Nigerian history (including unions such as Afuye, Rev. Walter Ajala, Niyi Akinsiju activists), the protests operated 24 hours a day for 10 consecutive days, with protesters organizing morning shifts, afternoon shifts and night shifts.

He has successfully led a powerful campaign against bad practices on the World Wide Web (Internet), such as fraudulent “sales” of “unlimited web space”, “unlimited bandwidth”, etc.


In the 90’s, along with self-determination activists like Aremson, Otitoloju, Popson, Daramola, Adeoye, Rotimi Obadofin, he supervised, motivated, upgraded and mentored the OPC youth left behind by Dr. Frederick Faseun who was “dehumanized” by Abba Check cabal imprisonment.

As a digital Ifa professor, he is the founder of Atefa Orunmila, Worldwide, Ifa League, Worldwide. As a structural Ifa expert, he is credited with being the first person to do divination entirely by computer.

prince [Prof.] Ifagbemi Awamaridi is the 2019 Lagos State Labor Party candidate for Governor.

Although he and his party were rigged out of the election by driving all their proxies out of polling centers throughout Lagos State (among other fraudulent practices), he petitioned the Electoral Tribunal and won on appeal and the Supreme Court, The latter sent the case back to the lower courts (tribunals), and the incumbent retained the governorship on his second trip to the appeals and supreme courts.

Prof. Awamaridi, former Director-General of the Yoruba Intelligence Service, is the Coordinator/Convenor of the Yoruba Independence Act Enforcement Movement in 1960 (YORUBAMENIA) and the United States Eekus Movement (USE).

The Self-Determination Organization is fighting for the “re-independence” of West Nigeria (ie the Yoruba Nation) by securing the repeal of the West Nigeria Constitution of 1963.

He is the head of the Yooba Orientation Agency – •|YOA|•, which is currently involved in the struggle to defend the Yoruba nation against foreign invasion and destruction through all possible means including liaising with the international community such as the United Nations, the World Court of Justice – Criminal (ICC), etc.

Brief flash:

Prinççe (Professor) Ifagbemi Awamaridi, Esq.

• Commander, Yoruba Front,
•silver.Youth Leaders, Lagos NPN, 1983
• National Coordinator, Akinloye Young Pioneers, NPN, 1983
• President, Action Front, National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), 1984-1986
• Coordinator, Peoples Lagos Action Now (PLAN),
• nature. Coordinator, PDP Game Changers, (formerly)
• Members/Partners, relevant PDP stakeholders in 2016 (with Prof. Adeniran, Jerry Gana, Dokpesi, Mantu, Gabam, etc.)
• Principal of REDO NIGERIA
• International Minister for Combating Injustice and Corruption,
• Nigerian Independence Act 1960 came into force Yoruba Movement Coordinator – YorubaMENIA
• Former Legal Advisor of the International Alliance of Indigenous Peoples and Tribes of Tropical Forests (Kenule Saro-Wiwa),
• Former Director-General. Yoruba Intelligence Agency (YIA)
• Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, News Justice Group.
• implement. Catalog Ops., WATCHINTER (Internet)
• National Leader, Labor Party
• Advisor to the Labor and National parties.Chairman of Propaganda and Mobilization
• Labor website and social media operations administrator.
• Atefa Orunmila, Worldwide, – IFA LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL.
• Chairman of the Lagos State Labor Party.

+ Youth member, NPN Special Committee, responsible for achieving 25% of the vote in Ondo State in the 1983 elections.
+ Supervisor, Good Luck Support Group [GSG] For Goodluck Jonathan 2013- 2015
+ Coordinator, Lagos Jimi Agbaje – 2015 Independent Monitoring & Intelligence
+ Director, Lagos Jimi Agbaje Post Elections [Rigging Intelligence Investigation & Detection] and Member of the Post-Election Law Commission – 2015
+ Director, Segun Adewale, Lagos [Aeroland] after the election [Rigging Intelligence Investigation & Detection] and Member of the Post-Election Law Commission – 2015
+ DG/Head, Saka Lawal Campaign, PDP Governor Primary – 2016
+ Coordinator, Ondo State, Olusola Oke/Action Alliance Campaign, Ondo State Governor – 2016
+ National Coordinator of the Nigerian National Survival Coalition – COSNNA
+2019 Lagos State Labor Party Governor Candidate.

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