Prince William and Kate Middleton ‘under pressure’ in royal drama: ‘Marriage isn’t perfect’

really sounds like everything endless Royal drama is putting pressure on Kate Middleton and Prince William. sources say weekly No marriage is perfect, including Kate and William. They bicker like most couples and are now under pressure to deal with the drama surrounding Prince Harry.

NOTE: Prince Harry will attend his coronation tomorrow, his first return to the royal family since the shocking publication of his memoir. idleNot to mention his Netflix documentary with Meghan Markle.

Anyway, back to Wells and Kate! weekly However, the insider said, “No matter what obstacles come their way, this couple has always overcome it,” adding, “They have important places in their lives and have spent precious time together to mark their 12th anniversary. day.

Before we go, a quick update on how all the royal drama affected the coronation: It was…not!Take measures Prince William and Prince Harry Separate During the ceremony (which the organizers wanted to avoid an awkward run-in), Harry planned to leave a few hours after the event in order to get home in time for his son Archie’s birthday.

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