Rapper Key Vhani Charged with Murder as Video Appears to Show Moment She Allegedly Guns Down Manager

Florida rapper Key Vhani, real name Kevhani Camilla Hicks, was charged with second-degree murder for allegedly gunning down her manager after he delivered a beating to her in Miami in October.

Surveillance video of the incident involving Hicks reveals a tumultuous scene as the 27-year-old woman is accosted by her manager and another man in the street lot outside Miami’s Wynwood Walls park, the Daily Mail reported.

The video shows the rapper arguing with the male driver of a white Lexus sedan on October 9. Soon enough the two begin exchanging blows. But a second man — who has been identified as the rapper’s manager — joins the fight and they pin the woman to the street where they deliver a beating.

Eventually the fight comes to an end and the rapper gets up and walks away from the two men both of whom turn back toward the car. But the lull soon turns deadly as Hicks reaches into her purse, pulls put a handgun, and lets loose on the two men. The manager was struck several times.

Meanwhile, the second man who had jumped back into the Lexus drove away as Hicks fires at the car. The man steers the car into Hicks and runs her over while making a U-turn in the street.

Hicks and the manager were both transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center where the manager was pronounced dead from his wounds.

“We know that based on her statement, that the victim in this case is her manager and she says that she’s a singer. But we don’t know what led to this argument,” Miami Police spokesman Michael Vega said.

Hicks has claimed that she fired her handgun in self-defense because she still felt under threat by the two men.

According to the arrest report, “As the defendant began to walk away from the victim, the victim began yelling threats at her and his voice grew closer. The defendant stated she was in fear due to the victim’s size and upon hearing the victim yell ‘I’ll kill you with one hit.”

Prosecutors, though, say the self-defense claim is problematic since the manager who was shot down was walking away from Hicks when she opened fire.

Miami-Dade Judge Mindy Glazer denied bond for Hicks, saying, “I believe she does have a very good self-defense claim, but that claim is a defense of the charge; it doesn’t negate the finding that there is [probable] cause for second-degree murder, the victim was walking away and she shot him after he was beating on her.”

Hicks was slapped with a $50,00 bond and house arrest. Her next court appearance is scheduled for February 15.

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