Rarest Anime Figures that Will Make Your Collection Stand Out

Hey anime character collectors! Onih is here, bringing you a list of the least common and funniest anime characters that will make your collection truly unique. From limited editions to intriguing designs, let’s explore these fascinating figures that are sure to make your collectors envious. So grab your magnifying glass and let’s discover some hidden gems!

Jumbo Miku Hatsune (Metal Edition) ($720)

picture 350
giant miku hatsune

For Vocaloid lovers, SEGA’s “Jumbo Miku Hatsune (Metallic Ver.)” figure is a unique collectible. Capturing Miku in a dynamic pose, this limited-edition 13-inch-tall metal version of the popular avatar is sure to catch the eye of any visitor.

Super Sonico Jumbo Poly Figure ($1,999)

picture 347
Super Soniko Jumbo Poly Figure
picture 344
Super Soniko Jumbo Poly Figure

Furyu’s giant “Super Sonico Jumbo Poly Figure” is a rare find for fans of the Super Sonico series. At 80cm tall, this oversized, detailed figure of this charming character is the best of any anime series.

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Ryofuko-chan Nendoroid ($3,000)

picture 349
Ryofuko-chan Nendoroid

Good Smile Company’s lovely “Ryofuko-chan Nendoroid” is a very rare collectible item in the “Ryofuko-chan” series. With its adorable design, interchangeable facial expressions, and limited availability, this Nendoroid is a must-have for any serious collector of the series.

Life-Size Mummy Figure ($24,999)

picture 348
life-size unnamed doll

For fans of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, this life-size untitled figure by Union Creative is a truly extraordinary piece. Measuring an impressive 5’2″, this highly detailed statue captures the essence of the character and is any devoted fan’s dream come true.

Vintage Teardown Astro Boy ($25,000)

picture 343
Old fashioned dismantling Astro Boy figure

Osaka Tin Toy Institute’s rare “Antique Disassembled Astro Boy Figurine” is an enchanting treasure for fans of the classic Astro Boy series. Created in the 1990s, this unique collectible features a disassembled Astro Boy, revealing the character’s robotic innards and offering a glimpse into the creative vision behind the iconic character.

One Luffy Pure Gold ($190,000)

picture 342
One Piece Pure Gold

The extremely rare “One Piece Luffy Pure Gold” figure is a breathtaking treasure for One Piece collectors. Crafted from 24 karat gold and weighing an impressive 1.4kg, this solid gold statue of Luffy is a luxurious tribute to this much-loved collection.

Gold Gunpla Kit ($240,000)

picture 345
Gold Gunpla Kit

These limited edition Gold Gunpla kits are highly sought after by Gundam enthusiasts. Featuring gold-plated components, these rare kits are not only visually stunning, but also a testament to the Gundam series’ enduring popularity.

Hatsune Miku GSC version (only 1 left)

picture 346
Hatsune Miku GSC Version

The Good Smile Company “Hatsune Miku GSC Version” figure is another rare treasure for Vocaloid fans. This well-crafted, limited-edition figure features Miku in an elegant pose with a flowing skirt and translucent base, making it the holy grail of anime characters.

LAN Disclaimer: This list was made with the rarity and cost of the figures in mind. Of course, the more expensive the figure, the fewer people own it. But in some cases, the number in question is part of the competition, and few people have the chance to get it. Then there is Miku GSC.

in conclusion

Well, fellow collectors – check out some of the most unusual and fascinating anime characters to enhance your collection! These gems provide a unique way to connect our favorite shows and characters and make our series truly stand out. So whether you’re just starting out collecting or you’re a seasoned treasure hunter, don’t give up on finding those elusive gems!

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