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A middle-aged Nigerian man was caught on camera looking devastated in a betting shop after losing all his money.

In order to win a huge prize, he participated in a series of competitions, but unfortunately, he did not win, which made him very sad.

A viral video on social media originally depicted him poring over lottery tickets in hopes of finding a winning ticket.

It looked like he had been in the betting shop all day, but when the game was over, he found he hadn’t won anything.

Still, the man refused to leave and in another part of the video, he can be seen leaning on a ledge against the wall, lost in thought.

To this, heislime_ commented; “Say no to gambling 😂😂😂”

Olive Praise reads; “May God provide help to everyone in need. 😢”

iamcy_rodriguez said; “It’s hard to win this June, the SportyBet member association can empathize 😭 😂”

Pearls_calm said; “I understand his state, because I think Uber will definitely pass today”

Watch the video below:

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