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Have you heard of Did you know there is a platform that offers movies and music? Then here we are going to share with you an interesting detail about a podium that offers a lot of movies and music.

Skimox platform in France. Here we’ll look at the details about via our blog. So, let’s read on for the details below to find out what the news really is.


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How about

This is a platform that offers tons of movies and music for all ages. By visiting, you can see several categories mentioned such as animation, documentaries, shows, etc.

Depending on the genre, you can watch your favorite shows or movies. The platform shares a wide range of entertainment content. Here you will get a list of music genres and documentaries that you can watch according to your selection. Details about its documentary –

Hallelujah, words from Leonard Cohen (2022) –

This documentary examines the life of singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen through the lens of his global song Hallelujah.

Russian Made Hacks (2023) –

Russian hackers have been important players in the global criminal underworld. Maxim Jakubets, a hacker so much wanted by the FBI, is free to operate in Russia. The malware he created caused tens of millions of dollars in damage, but he enjoyed a comfortable life in Russia.

For years, the Kremlin has tried to trade pirates for freedom.except it, You can watch more documentaries on this platform.

Let’s Go Kids (2022) –

An inner-city high school uses hip-hop dancing to integrate students from working-class neighborhoods and stop the cycle of academic failure.

Father of All (2022)-

A woman has learned a reproductive doctor’s terrifying secret after a DNA test revealed she had multiple half-siblings.

Tinder Liars (2022) –

Pretending to be a successful businessman, he courted women online and then demanded millions of dollars from them. Some people today seek revenge.

how about animation clips

Preliminary Secret (2023)-

Two undercover agents from the Kingdom of the Sun and Moon, Claé and Bruô, compete with each other and share an enchanted forest. When giants threaten to overwhelm their world, these two adversaries must put aside their differences and work together. The Prelims are a group of mystical creatures sought after because only they can save the forest.

Spider-Man – Next Generation (2018) –

Miles Morales, an African-American Puerto Rican teenager living in Brooklyn, is finding it difficult to fit in at his new Manhattan academy. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Miles gains superpowers that allow him to poison enemies, blend into them, stick to walls and ceilings, and increase his hearing.

when will there be was created?

The Skimox website went live two days ago on 17/05/2023 and will be closed on 17/05/2024. The site shares genres with full descriptions so that viewers can easily choose as per their choice. It provides the following types such as −

  • drama
  • fear
  • adventure
  • comedy
  • excellent
  • police officer
  • Science fiction
  • Thriller etc.

The best thing about this entertainment platform is that it describes the details about the category so viewers can read the summary before opting for it. Quick summaries of shows help viewers learn about shows, movies, and more.

comment of

The platform isn’t available on social media, so we didn’t get more details here. Even here we don’t get feedback from the audience. On the other hand, on another site, feedback is not available. We don’t even know how popular it is. Here we do not get any social media links.

add up –

The Skimox entertainment platform isn’t that popular with viewers right now because it’s only been around for two days. so, Viewers need to be cautious And check all the terms and conditions of using the Skimox platform.

Did you find the details on the Skimox platform helpful? Let us know in the comments. Frequently Asked Questions-

Q.1 When was the Skimox platform launched?

answer- May 17, 2023.

Q.2 Will it be promoted on social networking sites?

answer- We didn’t find it.

Q.3 Is the entertainment category shared by the Skimox platform very large?


Q.4 Can I watch programs of different categories here?

Answer – Yes.

Q.5 Yes Web portals Serving?

answer- Yes.

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