Sam DuBose Police Record: What You Need to Know

Samuel DuBose was killed in July 2015 by a University of Cincinnati police officer. The case sparked controversy because the police officer lied about being dragged by the vehicle and DuBose was unarmed. There are extensive records available about the case, which includes DuBose’s criminal history. Uncovering Sam DuBose’s police records will help you get a better understanding of the case, the shooting, and the court proceedings that followed.

Typically, you’d have to look through several databases to get this information and that takes a lot of time. The good news is that we have a faster way to find Sam DuBose’s police record.

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Who Was Sam DuBose?

Samuel DuBose was a 43-year-old black man who founded a motorcycle club in the Cincinnati area. He always lived in Cincinnati and even went to high school in the city. DuBose was also an entrepreneur, father of 13 children, and an important member of the community. Many people loved DuBose and spoke highly of him. DuBose also created and produced rap music.

On July 19th, 2015, DuBose was shot and killed by Ray Tensing. Tensing shot him in the head during a traffic stop. He was pulled over for not having a front license plate, and Tensing claimed that DuBose tried to drive away with his hand in the vehicle.

Did Sam DuBose Have a Criminal Record?

Yes, Sam DuBose had a criminal record. His criminal record was extensive and included 46 convictions. These convictions mostly pertain to driving without a license and marijuana charges. In total, DuBose had about 90 run-ins with police officers and over 50 were traffic stops.

Are Sam DuBose’s Records Public?

Yes, Sam DuBose’s records are public. Unless records are sealed, most records are public. This includes public records, criminal records, and even court records.

Now that you know about the DuBose case, discover ways to view his police records.

How to View Sam DuBose’s Police Record

Several methods can help you view Sam DuBose’s police record. You can view news sources or get information from public records. However, the best method is to run a criminal records check.

What is a Criminal Records Check?

A criminal records check is a comprehensive way to run a background check on someone. However, instead of focusing on someone’s general background this background check only pulls results for their criminal record. This includes police reports, jail records, and other criminal records. Therefore, it’s the best way to learn more about Sam DuBose’s police record if you’re after speed and efficiency.

How to Run a Criminal Records Check

Running a criminal records check isn’t challenging when you have access to the right tools. While you can run Google searches or look into state databases, the best tool to leverage is an online criminal records search tool. Our favorite tool is’s criminal records search tool. It’s easy to use, takes less than 10 minutes, and your first few searches can be free.

Furthermore, is connected to thousands of premium databases that contain information from every state in the US. So, you don’t have to worry about visiting different databases. With an search you’ll find the following:

  • Sex offender status
  • Criminal records
  • Police records
  • Jail time
  • When a crime occurred
  • The number of crimes
  • People involved in crimes

This is only some of the information that a criminal records search will reveal.

Can You Run a Criminal Records Search on Anyone?

Yes, you can run a criminal record search on anyone. This includes yourself. So, if you’re curious you can use a criminal records search tool to see what appears on your record. You can also learn about anyone’s record, including Same DuBose. This is because criminal records are public records unless they’re sealed.

Learn More About Sam DuBose’s Criminal Record Today

Sam DuBose’s case was very public and there is a lot of information available. While you can use a criminal records search tool for most of the cases, we also recommend using other search engines and sources to get a complete picture of the events. So, check news reports and listen to interviews with others about Sam DuBose’s.

The culmination of all of this information is the best way to learn about and understand Sam DuBose’s police record.

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