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Sapa Don Reach The Gods – Hilarious Reactions As Masquerade Requests Transfer Through PalmPay (Video) » Ngnews247

Masquerade caught the attention of community members after he was seen begging around nonverbally.

He had the audacity to write his account details on a piece of paper and put it on a masquerade costume so that anyone generous could send him money through a PalmPay account.

PalmPay is an e-wallet and mobile payment platform authorized by the Central Bank of Nigeria to provide financial services to users through its mobile application.

The traditional representation of the gods can be seen posing with some young boys who found it amusing that he asked for a transfer.

The man behind the costume revealed his identity through a begging poster bearing his name, Babatunde Wasiu.

Watch the clip:

Response, accessmoni; 😂😂 na you go to confirm that there is really pressure in this land😂

rasheed_babatunde758; Hunger in this country spreads to everyone… get busy because they don’t bring food for him of God 😂


stackchyna__; the gods are innocent

Complete Nigerians; gods take no loans

Call me Fatima; this country Na Comedy Central 😂😹

Shadow Yaya; so he does not accept remittances 😂😂

mrabsmuziq; Precious if you no love me just talk am, which one is five Chinese rappers😢😢

joy_chidinnmaa; Omg they take transfers 😂😂

Praise the image; our ancestors sef don’t open an account, Niger effect 😂

d_real_ola; grandparents transferred 😂 put pressure on this country really really 😂

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