Satkarma Kriyas For Internal Purification Decoded

Hatha Yoga is a yoga form, which is dependent on physical procedures. It strengthens the body inside out. If you are a beginner, then you should always start with Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga cleansing processes have been divided into six groups. Each purification technique is unique in its own way. ‘Shat’ means six and ‘karmas’ means actions. You will find their mention in Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Gheranda Samhita. You can learn about the six purification techniques in the yoga teacher training in goa

Goa may be a new location for yoga to you, but it has always been omnipresent in the yogic sphere. The sand and the sea present the right combination to yogic practitioners. The place is home to many foreigners today. So, if you are from another country away from India, you will feel welcome in Goa. There are many tourist spots as well, that you can explore. When you practice yoga at the beach, you form an instant bond with Mother Earth. 

The six main practices are listed below in detail. 

Satkarma Kriyas – Yoga Teacher Training In Goa

  • Kapalbhati – It is also called the skull shining technique. You can also consider this practice to be a part of Pranayama. The inhalation happens to be more passive, than the exhalation in this process. Awareness of the breath and your abdominal movements assumes a lot of importance in this procedure. You will emerge with a stronger respiratory system if you practice this kriya on a regular basis. It also clears the respiratory passages and increases the efficiency of the lungs. Your nadis are also purified, as a result of this practice. 
  • Jal Neti – It is among the nasal purification procedures, included in yoga. You are supposed to take a Neti pot, fill it with warm salted water, and insert the nozzle of the pot through one of the nostrils. The water comes out of the other nostril, after passing through the septum hole. You have to repeat the process on the opposite side. You have to perform this Satkarma Kriya in a seated posture. It helps to purify the breath, while cleaning the nasal chambers. You can get rid of the tendency to catch colds. It also awakens the Third Eye chakra. You must learn and practice this under the guidance of a learned teacher at the yoga school. This is an important part of the yoga teacher training in goa
  • Vaman Dhouti – It is one of the most prolific stomach cleansing procedures that you can perform. You are required to drink warm, salted water early in the morning. Squat down on the ground, after your stomach is full of the same. Insert two fingers inside the throat or back of the tongue to induce purging force. The pressure helps in the elimination of the water through the throat. After you are done with this, you must do Savasana. It removes all sorts of impurities from the stomach and intestines. The undigested food is also eliminated through the mouth. It also helps in removing congestion. Your digestive function will also improve and you will also be able to think clearly. 
  • Trataka – It is a process of cleansing of the eyes. You are supposed to sit on the ground, with a candle flame near a low table in front of you. The candle flame should be at the level of the eyes. Focus on the tip of the flame, without moving the upper lids. Gaze at the tip of the flame continuously, until your eyes start watering. This kriya will help in making your eyesight more powerful. Moreover, you will be relieved from mental tension and anxiety. This practice is also proven to cure insomnia. 
  • Basti – It is another one of the six purification methods mentioned in Hatha Yoga. It is aimed at cleansing the small intestines and the colon. You will find this in practice in Ayurveda and Panchakarma. You are required to sit in a tub of water, and draw water through the anus. Hold the water inside the rectum for some time and then release it. This process helps to cleanse the bowels. You will be able to do this in the perfect manner, under the guidance of a yoga teacher only. The yoga teacher training in goa includes this procedure. 
  • Nauli – The last procedure which is included in Satkarma Kriyas, is Nauli. In this technique, you are supposed to massage the abdomen, through contraction and expansion of the muscles, under the ribs. This practice strengthens the abdominal muscles and regulates blood pressure as well. It prevents acidity and skin diseases, too. 

Final Words

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