Second Fire Erupts Under Another Los Angeles Freeway

A fire broke out underneath another roadway in Los Angeles early Tuesday as the city grapples with the aftermath of the recent 10 Freeway blaze.

Drivers near the interchange of the 105 and 110 freeways in South Los Angeles notified officials of the fire that appeared to be burning on a patch of land, KTLA reported.

The outlet’s Rich Prickett said, “From what we’re seeing here from Sky5, it would appear that it is some sort of encampment that is burning under the overpass. For right now, it’s contained in that one little area.”

An aerial photo shows the blaze:

Prickett noted firefighters quickly arrived at the scene. It took them approximately 15 minutes to contain the fire.

Firefighters’ hose lines were laid over train tracks, but no trains were seen in the area. Additionally, officials did not announce any delays regarding the incident.

Breitbart News reported Tuesday the initial investigation into the fire at a homeless encampment under an overpass in downtown Los Angeles that closed Interstate 10 on Saturday has been blamed on arson.

According to California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), the fire ignited inside the fence line, and it was set intentionally.

Now, CalFire detectives are trying to determine who started the fire.

The incident has greatly affected the community because “the stretch of I-10 impacted by the fire is traversed by at least 300,000 drivers every day,” the outlet said.

Video footage shows the roaring inferno:

“As Breitbart News reported, the fire occurred on Saturday in two storage areas beneath the freeway that also hosted a sprawling homeless encampment. There were 16 homeless people living near the section of the freeway when the fire started,” the outlet said, adding traffic surveyors say the freeway will remain shut down until officials make sure it is safe for use.

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