See What God Has Done – Singer Spyro Visits Hood He Lived In Before Attaining Success (Video)

Nigerian singer-songwriter Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, known professionally as Spyro, has returned to his former community.

He goes to the place where he lived before becoming famous, relives his memory, and counts his blessings.

The hit “Who’s Your Guy” producer shared a video of his visit on his official Instagram page, writing a heartfelt post expressing his gratitude.

Spyro advises people never to judge themselves by their current situation, because everyone is improving.

In the video, he revealed that the house was his first residence after returning to Lagos. He drove to the area, then walked the rest of the distance to show fans his tiny room.

Sparrow recounted how he and his mother went to the building’s landlord to ask him to pay the annual rent for the room in two instalments.

He revealed that the money he used to pay the rent was also given by his mother. The musician thanked God for changing his life.

He wrote, sharing the video; “I am the leper who will always come back to count his blessings and give all glory to God. …

Guys, never judge yourself by your current situation, you are a work in may take a while but pregnant women will give birth someday, but don’t forget when he changed your story to # COUNTY OUR BLESSINGS”

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