Sports Manga “Medalist” Has Been Confirmed To Have An Anime Adaptation In Production

The manga revolves around figure skating, specifically ice dancing.



what being an ice dancer isn’t Mingpu Temple Division What was his goal when he decided to challenge the world of figure skating. However, that’s where he ended up, as he “started too late” to realize his true solo skating dreams.

For years, he was content to be a shell of his former ambitions—that is, until he met a little girl in whom he saw himself. Inori YuzukaA fifth-grade student, so eager to skate that she practiced in secret, once visited Tsukasa’s skating rink with her mother and asked for lessons. She was branded useless by everyone around her, told it was “too late” to start, and that catching up with the other skaters was out of the question.

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With newfound faith and unwillingness to send another passionate skater down the same path as him, Tsukasa takes on the responsibility of mentoring her and commits to making Inori a medalist.

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A release date has yet to be announced. The series has been described as “one of the best examples of the trope of a bullied character trying to live out his dreams”. It’s been used a million times, but according to the reviews, this comic is doing pretty well. If it sounds like your cup of tea, give it a read! When you’re done you’ll have an anime to look forward to!

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