Spy Classroom Season Two Reveals New Key Visual

The animation will broadcast the first episode on July 13, and as the date approaches, the main visual map has also been released.


Ten years ago, humanity witnessed the lethal potential of the weapons wrought by World War I. To avoid another catastrophe, governments around the world have resorted to espionage to achieve their agendas.

In the Ding Republic, lily is an enthusiastic young girl who aspires to be a spy and serve her country. However, she begins to doubt her abilities as she does not do well academically. Lily’s enthusiasm is rekindled when she’s offered a temporary graduation opportunity to join the spy group “Lights,” which she eagerly accepts despite the cryptic nature of the opportunity.

Upon arrival, Lily was surprised to find six other girls waiting there, all of whom were also facing their own academic difficulties.a name Claus Soon emerges and reveals that they must accomplish an “impossible mission”: infiltrate the Galgardian Empire after a month of training. Despite their skepticism, the girls eventually agree to work together under Klaus’ tutelage – as it may be their only chance to prove their worth as spies.

by: MAL

key vision

The next season of animation will be directed by studio feeling, same season one. As mentioned above, the release date for the next season has been confirmed as July 13th.

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