Steps To Travel Abroad From Nigeria – Easiest Way

We all understand that the current situation in Nigeria is not easy, and the only way to turn things around quickly is to find a way out as soon as possible.

Also, with the recent frustration of visa refusals and application shutdowns at many embassies in Nigeria, it is best to hear directly from those you have had contact with before.

Steps for Traveling Abroad from Nigeria

  • marry a foreigner.

Whether the marriage is arranged or real, you can quickly turn things around by marrying someone from a foreign country. Visit to connect with single Nigerian men and women at home and abroad.

Believe me, you will meet a lot of people here. Just be careful not to break someone’s heart because you want to travel abroad because it will come back to hunt you down.

Thousands of conferences are held each year in countries such as Canada, the US, and the UK. If you are a security or IT professional, you can opt out using them to learn more

If you want to see more conferences, please continue to search

A lot of people go out through meetings.

  • Officially represent Nigeria

If you have friends who know those senior government officials in Nigeria, you can take this opportunity to be sent abroad. I don’t know much about it myself, but a friend of mine told me that the government does often send people to represent Nigeria.try your luck

If you have a degree, you can search for schools in Canada, the US or the UK. If you have a GPA of at least 2.1, you will be admitted to the master’s program.

Just find a way to prove that you or your sponsor are financially sound.Your visa will be issued

You can also apply for a degree if you have secondary education at WAEC or GCE.

If you like Canada, I highly recommend Their acceptance rate is pretty good for Nigerians.

  • Self-application for permanent residence permit

You don’t really need a sponsor to immigrate to Canada. If you have a degree and a good job, you can apply for it yourself. It takes 18 months.Visit to learn more

While I personally don’t recommend it, people still do it. After 9/11, airport security became very tight, so using Some else’s Passport may not be a good option anymore.

Try at your own risk. If you want to try this option, it is a good idea to have a good knowledge of the country you are visiting.

Don’t get deported from Amsterdam like a friend of mine did because she didn’t know what the color of school buses in Ontario, Canada was (she said yes Red and the correct answer is yellow)

All the best and I wish you success.

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