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A young man’s romantic move turned into a public humiliation when his heartfelt proposal was met with rejection and a slap from his girlfriend.

The incident, shared by user @cliifforrd online, has ignited a wave of mixed reactions and sympathy for the devastated man.

The video, which has since gone viral, begins with an unidentified young man getting down on one knee, holding out a ring in a traditional proposal stance.

However, instead of the anticipated joyous acceptance, the lady sternly rejects the proposal.

Adding further humiliation, she then approaches the young man and delivers a resounding slap to his face.

The unexpected turn of events sent bystanders into a frenzy, with gasps and whispers echoing through the location.

In the footage, several concerned onlookers rush to the side of the heartbroken young man, urging him to rise to his feet.

Meanwhile, the lady makes a hasty exit from the scene, leaving behind a shocked and bewildered crowd.

Netizens Reactions…

@OluseunJose said; “Omoh, this girlie doesn’t even worth this commitment… “Those guys who asked him to stand up knew it, if na my guy, I will still sound him another wake up slap.”

@Templegaurd said; “Refuse my proposal but don’t slap me, you’re not mad. Why are you begging? It should be a request, if she is not in, move. You’re begging so tomorrow she will say it was a favour, you’re not doing me a favour, I be hot cake too.”

@BlaccYsl said; “Shoutout to the men who went to pick him up when he could’ve been ridiculed, MVPs.”

@waleshadow said; “Na the woman be the guy. S/he will walk away. I have no business with the lady kneeling down.”

@SeaNeverDry00 said; “The kinda slap wey I go give her ehn if she no blind her eyes go Dey on coma.”

@AkConglomerate said; “Na whitemen culture be all this kneeling down and proposing. Why bend the knees Alaye?”

@Cisqo_4 said: “Mehn those guys wey make the boy jazz up go always see good things.”

@andreudotai said; “Why do girls normally a slap a guy they don’t want when they’re being proposed to?”

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