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He was a sensation, asked lots of questions, delivered great revelations, made everyone “cry” with laughter, and raised and lowered the midnight zone!

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It’s time to meet on “The 100,” a different, modern, and humorous acting game show hosted by versatile and beloved stand-up comedian and screenwriter Lambrus Fisfey. Lambros Fishfice hosts three celebrity “players” each week. One of them is always on set and serves as captain, and the other two take turns each time. Actor/stand-up comedian Michalis Machioudakis and actor/comedian/author Gisis Rubos alternate captaincy for The 100.

Tonight, Friday 5 May at 00:10, guests will be Rakis Gabarus and actress Dora Makrigianni, captained by Michalis Machiodakis.

  • How many people out of 100 clean their house just before welcoming visitors?
  • How many people out of 100 have uploaded their own stories and posts to show their ex-boyfriend?
  • What do 100 people like? Burger or Meatball?

Lakis Gabarus and Dora McRigianni from

Lakis Gabarus and Dora McRigianni from “100”!

These are some of the questions 100 people will answer, and the answers are surprising! So what do these numbers tell us? How many amazing things will we discover? ? All Greece is waiting for its disintegration!

There is a huge screen in front of the guests, with 100 ordinary people (a representative population sample of Greece today) actively participating in the show, connected individually via Zoom!

These 100 people will be live to answer the amazing, subversive, unexpected and imaginative questions the hosts ask their guests, and the results are 100 times the real life of our 2022 Greeks. produces a number.

Each week, three celebrity guests will try to predict the answers of 100 people as accurately as possible…and prove who knows Greece better today! Analyze issues and share personal stories and experiences with humor.

A TV series allows you to walk into the homes of ordinary people, understand their lives in the most positive, optimistic, and humorous mood, laugh out loud at the “unpleasant” truth, and finally deepen your understanding of each other.

100 encounters!

Enjoy the new year by discovering the cute little facts that make us stand out as a nation! Because we all have unique stories to share!

Fun gallop…let’s start over! Time to say it all!

If you want us to come to your house and tell you all the things you hide deep inside, please share with us everything you would never tell anyone but your closest ones. For you, by your side, by your side…

Sign up! You can be one of her 100. one of us. Nobody left!

Producer; Nicos Christopherou
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Executive Producer: Savvas Vellas
Executive Producer: Yannis Tiraeus
Cinematographer: Giorgos Anaktridis
Producer: Maria Dimakou
Set designer: Sophia Drosopoulou
Costume Design: Lila Kuziomari
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