The Cafe Terrace And Its Goddesses Episode 11 Review

A love battle unfolds between the two Akane and Riho when they fight HayatoFeelings. A harem is formed!


Akane makes fun of Hayato

The rivalry between the characters is just beginning and we only have one episode left – typical rom-com. Akane has slowly gone from my least favorite character to top 3 in the past few episodes. I like her confidence in teasing Hayato and being more “active”.


Screenshot 2023 06 17 on 18.05.17
Girls in the bathroom (Ami’s feet)

Here you go, this is a harem anime, the heroine is going to the bathhouse, I don’t know the result? And of course, there’s the massive amount of fan service.This episode is really pushing AmiGoofy to the next level – she swims in the tub, slips Ouka, insists on carrying her rubber duck, she’s clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed, but hey, we already know that, but we don’t think less she.

Riho’s Confession

Screenshot 2023 06 17 on 18.09.51
Riho Confessions

I mean, she covered it up directly afterwards, Hayato finally thought he was wrong, but at least she tried to express her feelings. Anyway, the girls only start to develop feelings for so long, five of them live in a house with a guy – and most of the time that’s the result. We’ve now got two of them locked in a battle for his love, who do you think will be next to join the harem?i have to guess Osmanthus or white chrysanthemum. imagine the plot twist if it turned out to be Ah Mi lol.

plot idea

Great episode, lots of fan service if you like it, but most importantly we saw some development between Hayato, Riho and Akane. Which girl will make the next bold move? We’ll have to find out in the season finale next week!

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