The Cafe Terrace And Its Goddesses Episode 3 Review

In this episode, the cafe reopens!In this way, the girls get a sense of Osmanthus!

Action: make friends

Screenshot 2023 04 21 at 21.49.44
Sakuraka praised by Hayato

Ouka is a quintessential tsundere, sometimes it’s hard to get along with her, especially when you Hayato – members of the opposite Riho Ask Hayato to repair his relationship with her before they open the cafe and interact with customers as a team. It mostly ends with Hayato’s devious insults to Ouka, but as we’ve seen, the maid-dressed compliment wins her over. But let’s be honest – Hayato was really lucky because he didn’t know that Ouka made these clothes himself.

hidden but serious side

Screenshot 2023 04 21 on 21.51.11
Amy’s other side

so maybe Ami Not just a huge goof after all, maybe she actually has a more serious side to her.She did revert to her usual self by giving a speech about accidentally breaking Hayato’s phone and laptop, but I’m assuming that’s a sign of something for her real like. Maybe this whole “act like I’m stupid” faux pas is just a faux pas. But then again, maybe I’m reading too much and she’s actually kind of retarded lol.

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grand reopening

Screenshot 2023 04 21 on 21.54.01
Visuals in the trailer

Cafe Familia is back in business! It’s time to celebrate! Or, if that fuwa didn’t rush over and make a scene. Hayato’s quick action saves the girls from attacking the man (though he absolutely deserves it) and gets rid of him through other, less violent means. It’s nice to see the cafe patrons gather around Hayato and support him, driving Fuwa from the cafe to the street where he belongs. He’ll be back though, because I’m assuming he’ll be the villain of the series (maybe he’ll try to close the cafe!)

plot idea

Screenshot 2023 04 21 on 21.52.23
Ouka’s maid outfit (sorry Riho, you just made an appearance lol).

I’d say this is the best episode so far, the fan service is toned down and the focus on the plot is toned down. It’s nice to see the six of them get along and form a team. Now that the cafe is open for business, they have no choice but to do so! This episode made me more focused on the show and interested to see how the girl and Hayato will run the cafe. Cafe Familia has a real camaraderie right now – let’s see how long it lasts! How do you feel? Let us know in the comments below!

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