The Cafe Terrace And Its Goddesses Episode 5 Review

In this episode, the friends are on vacation, and Hayato went to see Akane’s concert!

take a vacation

Screenshot 2023 05 05 on 22.38.22
Riho with his hair down and pajamas

After opening with the usual busy atmosphere of the cafe, this scene with Riho is well put together. First off, it’s just my personal preference here (let me know if you agree) but Riho looks so much better with his hair down. Maybe the pajamas also do a little bit to give her a more “casual” look, but I think it really suits her. So we learn that Riho has some sort of history with a mysterious woman (her mom?) and is having a hard time getting out of it. Hayato hits the nail on the head when he tells her to live her life the way she wants. I think we can all agree that Riho has a higher opinion of Hayato now!

goddess of the moon

Screenshot 2023 05 05 on 40/22/2009
Sissy performs with her band

It’s a nice insight into what the bewildering Akane does in his spare time. What do you think of her songs? Definitely bringing vibes to J-Rock, here I come! There must be a scene somewhere in the series where all the girls and Hayato are at Akane’s concert. I’m sure Hayato would be interested, he even bought the band’s CD!

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plot idea

Screenshot 2023 05 05 at 22.32.11
girls enjoy vacation

This episode is the typical loose, laid-back, laid-back rom-com episode. No drama, just some good character development and some funny moments. Please leave any comments you have about this series below!

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