The Cafe Terrace And Its Goddesses Episode 7 Review

This episode provides great insight into Akane’s family history and raises the question: will Akane leave with her mother, or will she defy her and continue her role at the café?


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Akane and Hayato talking about leaving the cafe

Hayato Very intuitive.the way he reads Akane Like a book, it’s impressive to say that the reason she’s praising everyone is because she’s leaving. I feel like deep down Hayato is analyzing each girl and making a plan about the best way to approach them. He seemed to me like a schemer – always planning ahead and calculating the best way forward.

Akane’s plight

Screenshot from 23.25.13, May 19, 2023
The girls talk to Hayato about Akane’s plight

Akane is convinced her annual leave is over and some tactful talk is needed to keep her in the cafe. Fortunately, this is Hayato’s forte, and he’s ready for action. Having the Baowangsi family super famous is a nice twist, and when your clan has such high responsibilities, it puts a lot of burden on Akane’s shoulders to do the right thing. Sure enough, other girls begged Akane to stay, but Hayato seemed very indifferent, only caring about who would fill the vacancy in the cafe, and other business-related issues that might arise after Akane left.

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Hayato’s words

Screenshot 2023 05 19 at 23.48.57
Akane makes coffee for mom

I’m sure none of us are shocked, but Akane’s mom really isn’t very nice. Seems like she cared more about family tradition than her own daughter, even forcing Akane to marry someone of her (Akane’s mom) choice. Hayato stepped up though, and what he said about Akane having to stand up for herself and not rely on anyone to speak up for her was exactly what Akane needed to hear, and lo and behold, it made her fall in love with him. Riho and Osmanthus A slight romantic interest was expressed, and now Akane joins them. A harem is formed!

plot idea

Originally I was the least interested in Akane out of all the girls, but after learning about her and her backstory, I dare say she is now in my top three. Ouka and Riho scored first and second for me, how do you rank them? What did you think of this episode? Let us know below! Also – judging by the preview, next week’s episode will be the fabled beach episode. As fan service goes in this anime, it’s going to be a wild ride. See you later! *nervous laugh*

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